3 top wireless phone plans to go for

3 top wireless phone plans to go for

After spending a hefty budget on that smartphone you always wanted to buy, a wireless phone plan adds to your expenses. When it comes to phone plans, the choices are plenty, and they all look very similar. This is what makes it so confusing to make a decision. Here is a list of the best wireless phone plans to consider.

Best wireless phone plans to choose from:

Google Fi Flexible
Google’s Plans are known to be highly cost-effective, especially when you have to combine multiple users’ mobile plans in one bill. From hotspot tethering functions to availing data-only SIMs for tablets and other devices, you can tap into the many benefits based on your needs. The standard features like unlimited calls and texts come with most plans,including the Flexible plan. This plan is priced at $20 for an entry-level pack of a single user, and you can choose data at $10/GB. For people who travel often, there is a data-focused plan called Unlimited Plus that is available at $70.

Mint Mobile 3 Month 4GB Plan
For anyone who is looking to choose a new mobile plan, this makes a wonderful welcome kit. At an initial price of $45, you are covered for three months with both 4G and 5G data and unlimited talk time and messages. Though there is unlimited data offered with this plan, the speed drops after 4GB. But for a basic user, this is one of the best wireless phone plans.

T-Mobile Magenta
Magenta is a mid-range contract-based mobile plan that also comes with a host of add-ons. With a 100GB monthly data limit before the speed drops, this one also comes with a free Netflix subscription for a single device. You also get other benefits like seamless SD streaming and international data and text messaging options. With convenient auto pay and the option to combine three lines, this plan is available for $40 for each line.

From these best wireless phone plans, you will be able to pick one that meets your needs. While some users make a lot of calls, others might look for data plans. A good phone plan would be one that combines all these benefits to help you save money in the long run. There is a mix of prepaid and contract options in the above list. This helps you choose one that fits your budget plans in no time.

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