5 decorative bowls to improve your home décor

5 decorative bowls to improve your home décor

Simple, functional bowls are usually used for storing items and serving dishes. However, now you can choose from a wide selection of unique decorative bowls that will be perfect for adding to your interiors. These bowls can be used as centerpieces. They can also be useful in brightening your décor, display, and storing various things.

A few decorative bowls that can easily amp up your home interiors include:

Blue Glass Decorative Bowl by Highland Dunes
This luxurious glass bowl boasts a unique design that will definitely catch the eye of your house guests. Made of hand-blown glass, this unique decorative bowl can certainly prove to be a good addition to your home.

Tipton Pearl Large Decorative Bowl by Highland Dunes
This is a charming decorative bowl, hand-painted to perfection. The top surface at the back of this bowl is made of genuine glass. The bowl has been double-fired, so it has maximum resistance. However, make sure to avoid keeping it in an oven or microwave and only wash it by hand.

Alabaster Decorative Bowl by Mariposa
This alluring glass bowl is bound to make you take a second look due to its opulent matte colors swirling around it. Made of glass, this bowl can only be hand-washed.

Turquoise Glass Decorative Bowl by OK Lighting
Made of strong glass, this bowl makes for a luxurious centerpiece. It can be easily cleaned and maintained. This unique decorative bowl will serve the purpose of a showpiece while acting as a good storage option for small, essential items like your keys.

Alsey Glass Decorative Bowl by Orren Ellis
This stylish yellow and violet colored bowl is of premium quality and can be an excellent decorative piece. It is a result of ancient glass-blowing techniques and new contemporary designs. A distinguishing factor about this bowl is that no two bowls of this kind are exactly the same. Every bowl will show some variation in its color or size. While purchasing it, you will also notice that it is signed by glass master Michele Luzoro and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

These bowls will grab your attention due to their unique designs and style. Moreover, they help display and store various items around your house. The size and shape of a bowl can help you determine its use.

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