Best Ideas for Mother of the Bride Dresses

Best Ideas for Mother of the Bride Dresses

Weddings are considered to be the union of not only the couple but also two families. It is an occasion where every individual involved wants to look their best and make a lasting impression for years to come.

The bride is always made the center of the wedding. Her needs and desires are fulfilled before anyone else’s. In such a case, her parents, the father and mother of the bride, tend to take a backseat. However, this should not always happen.

A wedding should be treated as a special day for the family of the bride as well. This should be taken seriously, especially for the mother of the bride! This is so because she has been through the same festivities and emotions. While living through the same for her daughter, her wonderful memories will come gushing back and make the union all the more special for her.

Keeping that in mind, we have here some ideas for the mother of the bride dresses.

Break the color-code myth

Since time immemorial, it has been a myth that the mother of the bride dresses should be in any color but white or black. She is not allowed to wear white because the bride is the only one allowed to, and no black, because of its association with funerals.

Well, we say, you should break the myth. After all, rules are meant to be broken! If your daughter envisions the entire bridal party in white, or silver or ivory, then your selection of mother of the bride dresses can be in the same color. Be it a flowy gown, a fun knee-length dress, or a pant-suit, carry the color off with your strong aura.

A crisp suit

Nothing says you’re the boss like a crisp suit. Be it a cute skirt and jacket suit or a slightly elaborate pant-suit, as the mother of the bride, dress all the way!

You should have the liberty to decide what you feel comfortable in because you are definitely going to have to run around quite a bit. Pick the colors that you would want to wear and that goes with the theme. A tailor-made suit will make these mother of the bride dresses perfectly stand out. Isn’t that what we want?

Select an off-shoulder dress

Off-shoulder is a fashion that all ages are now adopting. It is a fast-moving, but definitely an in-the-now piece of fashion that the mother of the bride dresses can accommodate. A tight-fitting dress can help accentuate your body and make you look flawless on your daughter’s special day.

You can complete the look with a pair of comfortable stilettos and fine jewelry. Make sure that the color you pick goes with the theme of the bridal party!

Go with the lace theme

Here is another myth you should be breaking while planning your mother of the bride dresses. Just because your daughter has taken to lace, does not mean you cannot. Lace dresses tend to look beautiful on women of all ages. Moreover, they add a special elegance to the whole setting that you require at a wedding.

Lace in your dress can look beautiful when worn in pastel shades. A knee-length dress with kitten heels and a bold clutch can make you look like the star of the event that you are. Pair with some delicate jewelry and stand beside your daughter to support her in your best.

Pick your mother of the bride dresses keeping in mind what you like wearing, what you are comfortable in and also what fits with the theme. Remember, that as the mother, you are not trying to steal the limelight by dressing at your best but trying to look awesome for your daughter’s special day!

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