Different Bags Available on the Belk Website

Different Bags Available on the Belk Website

Belk is a company that has been around for 130 years. It has satisfied generations of customers from the time it began in 1888. With a modest start in North Carolina, the company has evolved and survived through various stages of economic shifts. Currently, it commands a strong online presence and 300 stores across 16 states. One can only imagine the magnitude of bags and purses it has sold over the years.

Now that we have established the longevity and productivity of Belk, let us look at some of the Belk handbags and purses available on Belk.com, the company’s e-commerce site.

Crossbody bags

Women around the world love crossbody bags. They are comfortable, cool-looking and have enough space to fit their important belongings. Belk understands this basic requirement and has a wide range of crossbody bags for the buyers. Some of the top-rated brands are Nine West, The Sak, Sakroots, Steve Madden, and Bueno. You can find Belk handbags for a price as low as $20 to a price of $450 approximately. There are crossbody bags for everyone. The category has a long list of well-crafted bags from classy designs to modern days designs.


The bags that can carry everything that a woman wants, literally. We all know that looking into a woman’s bag is bad manners, but if you ever have a twist of fate in getting a glimpse of what’s inside a tote then you would have just witnessed a whole new universe. That’s the number of things a tote can be used for. At Belk.com you can find a variety of these totes. Some of the bestsellers and best-rated Belk handbags are from Vera Bradley, New Directions, Nine West, Anne Klein, Spartina, Michael Kors, COACH, and Dooney & Bourke. The cheapest bag is available at $9 (Kim Rogers – at a discount) and the most expensive bag in this category is priced at $598 approximately (Michael Kors Large Tote).

Shoulder bags

Although similar to totes, shoulder bags have long straps that are used to hang the bags from your shoulder. This makes it easier when you need to carry a heavy bag. There are many models of shoulder bags that you can choose at Belk.com. Bestselling Belk handbags include Sakroots, Crown & Ivy, Rosetti Riley, Kim Rogers, Anne Klein, The Sak, and Vera Bradley.

Designer bags

Beautiful bags with a lot of detail in their design – that’s probably one of the best ways you can define a designer bag. The different type of designs available at Belk.com is a delight to the eyes. There is a huge collection of around 1,043 designer Belk handbags that you can get your hands on. The lowest of them start at around $30 (Vera Bradley Iconic) to the most expensive going up to $600 (COACH swagger) approximately.


A perfect combination of totes and shoulder bags, satchels at Belk.com have a varied collection. Kaari Blue, COACH, Sakroots, The Sak, Brahmin, Fossil, and Michael Kors are some brands that have really good collections and best-rated satchels. You can get a top-rated satchel such as Rosetti Express for a price of $24.99 approximately. That’s the lowest of them all and it is really good.

Hobo bags

Hobo bags have become quite popular as they are easy to carry around. If you are looking for these soft and smooth bags then Belk has quite a few bags arrayed in their collection. Top rated Hobos among Belk.com’s Hobo bags are Dooney & Bourke, Jessica Simpson, Brahmin and The Sak.

These are not the only Belk handbags available at Belk.com. You can also find Backpack Purses, Clutches & Evening bags and Mini Bags. Once again, the huge collection shows the versatility of Belk. There are discounts at the moment on most of the bags. Belk is also known for their excellent customer service. So, in case of any unpleasant events, their customer service team is ready to help you and get the issue fixed. You should not be waiting any longer. Get the best bags possible from this trusted company.