The increasing popularity of men’s bracelets

The increasing popularity of men’s bracelets

For the contemporary man, wearing jewelry has become a style statement. Gone are the days when sturdy metal watches or gold rings on fingers were the only adornments that men even considered wearing on themselves. With the colossal attitudinal shift in the way men’s fashion is being perceived in the present century, men’s bracelets are gaining popularity as a much-favored accessory.

With fitness conscious men wearing rubber fitness bands on their hands and men in suits wearing sleek metal bracelets along with their formal business attire, it has, in fact, become a trend, a very modish trend. Thick rubber, polished metal, colorful glass, woven leather, and so on, the list of materials used for men’s bracelets are varied. Men sporting leather bracelets along with their watches are a common sight, while some incorporate a little silver or gold along with the leather. Without appearing over the top, men are able to wear bracelets along with their formal, casual, and traditional clothes and are successfully achieving a distinct style for themselves.

Simple and elegant men’s bracelets that are in tune with their personality and individual dressing styles are welcome. In fact, they would even be cool and stylish when worn in rich natural shades of brown or black, or entirely in oxidized metal or subtly mixed with watch straps and dark colored beads. Layered rope bracelets, wooden beaded bracelets, and even engraved copper ones too can look aesthetic when worn and might just be adding a little extra punch to their wardrobe under stiff cuffs or with casually rolled up sleeves. While silver is what most men prefer to have their bracelets made of, gold too is becoming an increasingly top choice to be worn with formal and semi-formal attire. Whether it is to dress up or tone down any attire, men’s bracelets, when worn correctly, can be a favorable addition.

Men’s bracelets are no longer a taboo, in fact, they are most welcome now than ever before. Wear them tastefully by complementing them with the colors on your clothes and follow some basic rules with regard to the material of the bracelet too. Choose the best men’s bracelets that look rugged or polished on your hand and get the textured look right.

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