All you need to know about NES Classic Edition

All you need to know about NES Classic Edition

Video games are a favorite with all age groups. Since their inceptions, these popular multimedia games have won hearts of millions across the world. The world of video games is a super-evolved one and is driven by the superior quality of technology. The different varieties and updated versions of these video games have reached new heights of excellence and expertise.

In this vast plethora of different video games, stands tall the name of Nintendo Entertainment System, also popularly known as NES. This is a Japanese brand that has created and launched some of the most popular versions of video games of all times.

The company was launched in the year 2016 in Japan and Australia and later in 2016 in Europe and North America. Nintendo sold more than 2.3 million copies of the NES Classic Edition between the span of 2016 and 2017.

Some facts about NES Classic Edition
The NES Classic Edition serves as the dedicated console for 30 NES games. You can get two variations of the console. One if they are in Japan that features a similarity to the original Famicom and the other is for the rest of the world.

The non-Japanese version rests most of its games on their US version that runs at a speed of 60Hz. These games use names that are used in the US. The interface of the console is designed to support as many as eight languages. As far as the internal designing is concerned, it is provided with Allwinner R16 system on a chip. It also has four ARM Cortex A7. The design also has a flash storage of 512MB and a DDR3 memory of 256MB. You can also get video output with the help of HDMI feature that enables 60Hz video games.

Reception of NES Classic Edition
The model did receive a little slack for its short controller chord and some of the smaller emulation problems. Even then it did get a lot accolades for its sound quality and other visual and technical features. An analysis will reveal that the demands of NES Classic Edition were huge as compared to other versions like the XFUNY NES.

Soon the version faced the problem of hacking that did affect the index of NES sales and also the margins of NES prices. As result of this NES price gouging, Nintendo announced the discontinuation of the NES Classic Edition in April 2017. Reproduction of the game has been confirmed from the middle of 2018, and NES prices may change. The edition also received flack due to the rate of its supply. Stores received a minimal number of the version that did affect the aspect of sales.

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