A brief overview of home tanning beds

A brief overview of home tanning beds

Owning a home tanning bed is the ultimate luxury all of us have dreamed of. With the increasing number of manufacturers offering home tanning beds for sale, it is definitely an affordable luxury. Plus, the advantages of owning a home tanning bed outweigh the costs in the long run. Apart from the convenience, you save on the cost of fuel and salon membership. Plus, you don’t have to schedule a separate time for tanning, you can tan yourself as and when you please.
But how do you find the best tanning bed that fits your budget and meets all your requirements? In this article, we help you in making an informed decision.

Types of tanning beds:
Low-pressure Tanning Beds: The traditional tanning beds, also known as low-pressure tanning beds, radiate more UVA rays as compared to the sun, while the percentage of UVB irradiance is lower than that emitted by the sun. You may get quick results in this kind of bed, but you could also get sunburns if you are not careful.

High-pressure tanning beds:
This kind of bed emits a much higher proportion of UVA rays as compared to the sun and a much lower proportion of UVB rays. The maximum exposure time in high-pressure beds is 15-20 minutes. A higher proportion of UVA implies almost immediate tanning, although no new melanin is produced. Therefore, the tan may not be long lasting. Usually, an exposure to UVA rays does not cause drying or burning. However, some studies claim that in the long run, it may cause wrinkles.

Design elements:

Traditional tanning beds: A typical tanning bed is in the shape of an elongated cocoon and similar to the size of a human body. It features a lid and bench on which you would lie. Normally, it can have 16-24 tanning bulbs.

Tanning booths: A tanning booth allows you to stand while getting a tan. As most of your body is exposed to the bulbs, you develop a more even tan than you do in a lying position. Some people prefer a tanning booth as it is it more hygienic. At no point in time is your body in contact with the booth. Tanning booths are also an optimal choice, if you are worried about the space required to house a traditional bed.

Tanning canopies: They usually take the form of tanning bulbs. They are, obviously, cheaper and save on space. The wheels and foldable frames make them easy to store and carry around. However, since the bulb can be directed to only one side of the body at a time, it is difficult to achieve an even tan.

Besides the basic differences in design and technology, home tanning beds can come with a variety of features including digital controls and face swirl technology. Considering the high popularity of these products, you will find plenty of offers related to home tanning beds for sale. The bottom line is that you should invest some time in understanding the details of the model you plan to purchase.

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