How to buy the best window shutters for your windows

How to buy the best window shutters for your windows

Are you planning to decorate your bedroom like the one you stayed at when you were on vacation to Maldives? Are you done with decorating your room the way you imagine it to be, but are confused how to decorate your windows and make it stand out?

Normal window panes are last season. These days window shutter are gaining popularity. Here is a quick guide on how to buy the perfect window shutters for your house:

Know your window:

To purchase the perfect window shutter, it is important you know your window type. Once you have your window type figured out, you can then select the shutter type you want to opt for. Some of the commonly seen window types are inside mount, outside mount, curved bay and box bay.

Know the shutter types:

Window shutters can be custom made, and you can choose your own style and order for a ready to install window shutter. If you are clueless what styles to choose then here are three main styles you can select:

Caf Style- Caf style shutters cover only half the height of your window. The bottom half of the window is covered, while the top half allows light to enter the room. This is the best option if you want privacy but at the same time want your room to resemble a cozy caf by the street.

Tier on Tier Shutters- Here, the whole length of the window is covered with multiple shutter windows which open individually. This is a perfect choice of window shutters for those people who want to control the amount of light that enters their room and have some privacy at the same time.

Full height shutters- This is a classic type of window shutters. If you are someone who loves looking outside at the hustling street as you sip your morning espresso, then this is the best option. Also, this is the best window option for those who love morning sunlight and want maximum sunlight for their room.

Shutter material:

Wooden Shutters are no doubt one of the of the best window shutter options. They add warmth and character to your house and give it a natural aura. When it comes to original wooden shutters, they suit best for living rooms, bedrooms and dining room. Paint the shutters with flamboyant colors and give life to your otherwise dull windows.

For kitchens and bathrooms, it is best to opt for waterproof vinyl shutters as they are resistant to water and humidity.

Know the price:

There is no denying that the window shutters look fancy and take your home d cor to the next level, they are pricey and might make a hole in your pocket. But with that said, they are an investment which will last for many years. To get the best deals, buy during sale time or buy more than one and get discounts.

Keep a note of your home d cor, color theme of your house and your personal style when you go for window shutter shopping.

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