Making room for your four-legged friends

Making room for your four-legged friends

You would like to have pets, but you are afraid of the hassle – finding a space for them to sleep, eat and play, all the while keeping your home looking elegant and beautiful. Wait, is that even possible? You bet! Pets don’t have to mean a messy home. In fact, with a bit of planning, pets can add to the style and grace of your home. Here are a few ideas that can get you started.

Let us begin with cats. Cats are often the first choice for small homeowners, are they are small, relatively independent and easy to keep. Cats like quiet, cozy spaces for themselves. Rather putting a cushion in a corner, think of a covered table in the living room. A litter box and a cushion can fit in snugly inside, while the doors hide it all away. Make a small and discreet opening for the cat to enter and leave, perhaps on the side or towards the back, and you have an invisible mystery home for Mr. Cattington.

Kittens need to play and are not exactly obedient. If you don’t want your stationary, socks and expensive bric-a-brac in utter disarray, do take the time to make a pretty little play corner for them. You don’t need a lot of room, remember, just some clever elements. Kittens love rough textures. Pad up a corner of the wall with a textured mat. Dangle a few plush toys, and install a tiny staircase for them to reach the danglers. Thrown in a shoe box with holes cut out on the top, and you just created kitty heaven. Change and move around elements once every while to make things interesting.

More of a dog person? No worries. We trust you will choose wisely, and pick the right sized dog for your home. Dogs like to be snug. Pick a cozy corner and choose a classy bedding “ how about a wicker basket with plush lining, rather than just an old cushion? Cane, bamboo or wood elements are more likely to go with the theme of your furnishings, rather than tacky plastic. Also, consider tucking away their food and water bowls inside the bottom draw of a shelf. That way, the bowls can disappear after feeding time.

Planning and choice investments can make your home pet-friendly, and you can still come home to a beautiful and serene home that makes you proud to show off to guests.