Tips to safely and effectively use food vacuum sealers

Tips to safely and effectively use food vacuum sealers

Food vacuum sealers are all the rage these days as they offer a convenient way of keeping food fresh for a long time. Two types of vacuum sealers the counter top models and handheld ones are currently in the market. The countertop models of Foodsaver vacuum sealer are more durable and offer stronger suction. However, they are expensive and take up more space vis-à-vis the handheld ones. Regardless of the food vacuum sealer type you opt for, certain things that can help derive maximum benefit out of the appliance needs your attention.

Vacuum sealing does not prevent food from spoiling but protects the packed food from freezer burns and keeps it tasty and fresh for a long time. Therefore, you need to place vacuum sealed foods in the freezer. Food vacuum sealer is not meant for liquid-based foods, unless they are frozen. For instance, vacuum sealer mechanism would suck in loose crumbs or fine-grained foods, which is not good for the appliance. So, freeze liquids-based foods and use some type of filter for vacuum sealing powdered foods.

Not all sealing bags are made the same. As such, you cannot use same sealing bags for all the models of food vacuum sealers. By using an inappropriate sealing bag, you could end up spoiling the food. In such a scenario, using custom-made bags for the vacuum sealing appliance is advisable. Never overfill the bag, rather leave at least three inches of space at the top of the bag before you finally seal it. This simple step can make resealing of the bags a seamless affair.

In case the bag is not sealed properly, you can make up for the mistake without opening the bag by simply creating a new seal closer to the food. It is an incredible way to save time and effort.
During the vacuum sealing process, keep the bag as smooth as possible. If there are wrinkles in the bag, they tend to keep the residual air inside, which will result in food spoilage. If you want to pack fruits and vegetables, pre-freezing fruits and blanching vegetables is always recommended.

The plastic material of the bags used for vacuum sealing is quite strong, but sharp items do puncture them easily. Therefore, you need to be careful while packing foods with sharp edges. For example, while packing dried fruits, pastas and more, don’t forget to wrap them in soft material, such as paper towels before placing them in the plastic bags. For trouble-free use, invest in a good quality appliance such as the Foodsaver vacuum sealer. Make sure you store it properly to ensure that the machine remains in a good working condition for long. Additionally, clean the machine appropriately after every use.

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