Top Dyson vacuums to consider for a perfectly clean home

Top Dyson vacuums to consider for a perfectly clean home

If you have already used vacuum cleaners from other manufacturers in the past, you must opt for one of the suitable Dyson vacuums. Even though most vacuums claim to offer a host of features and dexterity in performance, few are able to meet up the expectations of the users. But you can rest assured that the Dyson vacuum cleaners will be able to clean all types of floor, upholstery and instill a unique newness in your home. If you are considering to buy one of the most sought after models of Dyson vacuums, here are a few to look for:

Dyson D6 motorhead
This model is ranked as the top-rated stick vacuum in many online forums for its unmatched performance and durability. The highly empowered Dyson D6 motorhead allows you to use the equipment as a stick. The powerful suction along with direct-drive cleaner head can run up to 20 minutes. You may also convert it into a hand vacuum for cleaning small spaces very effectively. Users have particularly liked its ability to clean the carpets and floors with equal efficiency and making the home free of pet hairs.

Dyson DC65 animal
The powerful, but bagless upright Dyson DC65 Animal is equipped with attachments like stair tools, tangle-free turbine and a range of brushes for cleaning different surfaces such as carpets, hard floors, walls, and stairs. But many users have complained that it is quite heavy, which makes it difficult to operate.

Dyson V6
The 4.5-pound stick of the Dyson V6 vacuum cleaners is powerful and gives an unparalleled performance in cleaning different types of surfaces. It can be a little noisy at times, but its functionality outweighs the disturbance.

Dyson ball multi-floor upright
Formerly known as the Dyson DC65 Multi Floor, this device can be maneuvered effortlessly all along the home. The cleaning is executed with utmost perfection with the help of powerful suction tools, self-adjustable cleaner head along with an instant release wand so that you can clean even the hardest to reach corners and crannies. It is excellent on hard floors and stairs.

Dyson DC40 origin
This range of Dyson vacuums doesn’t have a bag and comes with a self-adjustable cleaner head, which makes it easy to move between different types of surfaces. The ball technology of this vacuum makes it easier for steering into constraint spaces. The dust canister is also easy to clean.

Dyson cinetic big ball animal+ allergy
The Dyson cinetic big ball animal+ allergy comes with a powerful brush bar, detachable hose, and wand for the awkward corners that cannot be cleaned easily. It is equipped with a filterless technology so that it never runs out of suction. The vacuum is easy to maneuver and clean, but it is not considered very effective in removing pet hair.

Each of these Dyson vacuums is better than the other in terms of functionality and versatility. You will have to consider your needs and preferences in order to choose the best option.