What are high efficiency detergents

What are high efficiency detergents

Every time you walk down the detergent aisle, you might have noticed almost every detergent packing has symbol that are letters H and E separated by a red dot in a white circle swirl. The symbol actually stands for High Efficiency detergent.

Let us take a look at that these high efficiency detergents actually are and when should one use them.

Efficient stain removers
If you come across a Detergent pack that has HE labeled on it. It means that high efficiency detergent is to be used in high efficiency washing machines which could be front load or top load. High efficiency washing machines use much less water.

High efficiency detergents are low-sudsing and quick dispersing agents that work well even in low water volume washing machines. High efficiency detergents are developed to hold soil in suspension even in low water volume so that they don’t redeposit on the clean clothes.

Need for high efficiency detergent
Most of the people across the country have grew up using standard washing machines. These washing machines were less efficient compared to the ones that are manufactured today. They would easily pull more than 35 gallons of water in a single cycle. There was a notion which meant more bubbles (froth) meant more efficient washing. Thus, more water was needed to rinse away all the suds.

Newer standard top load washers used 25 gallons of water to handle the soil and detergent residue. High efficiency washing machines usually use up to 15 gallons which is marginally lower than the one their primitive models. Since these washers used less water to rinse away stains, there was a need of a high efficiency detergent that would produce very less residue.

Using ordinary detergent in a high efficiency washer will create excess suds that will affect the tumbling action of the washer, cause the washers to leak, and cause damage to the circuitry of the system. This could further lead to voiding manufacturer’s warranty.

Using traditional detergents in high efficiency washing machines can also lead to the growth of mold and a specific odor that can last in the washer for a very long time. The residue made of suds and soil is a breeding ground for mold.

If you have bought a high efficiency washer, make sure to read the washer’s care guide if it requires high efficiency detergent. When using a single unit detergent pack, make sure that they are placed in an empty washer drum before adding the dirty laundry into the washer.

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