Must buy Canada Goose Parkas for the season

Must buy Canada Goose Parkas for the season

If you live in a cold terrain where the weather is unpredictable, then you know that being prepared is a must. Whether it is rain, hail storm, snow, or even blizzard, your clothing should protect you. At all times. With spring around the corner, it is the time that you stock up on all cooler weather staples.

And by cool we mean clothes that look cool too, even when shoveling the snow clear from your yard! When you live in a country like Canada which gets cold pretty fast, Canada Goose can come to the rescue! Established in 1957 by Sam Tick, this company is famous for its wide range of winter clothing.

You can find parkas, jackets, vests, and gloves, some of which are even lined with fur. Their best selling parka, for example, is one such piece of winter clothing. It gives you best protection from harsh winds and you can wear it anytime. Canada Goose offers you a large variety of parkas that are classy and protective at the same time!
Here are two must have parka styles from Canada Goose for the spring season of 2017.

Shelburne Parka For Women
This parka is for extreme weather conditions and features a removable coyote fur ruff. The Shelbourne is also lined with down feather and is thigh long. When you are out and the wind kicks up, you can pull up the chin guard! Among a range of features of this parka, you can select various colors too!

You can remove the coyote fur ruff depending on the intensity of the wind outside.

It is not only functional but can also withstand temperatures between -10 to -20 degrees. The Shelburne parka is ideal for wet and windy weather. It also has hand warmer pockets and storm flap over the center of the jacket. Be stress-free and flaunt this parka even in extreme cold conditions!

Expedition Parka For Men
What’s cooler than wearing a parka that was designed for scientists in Antarctica! The Expedition Parka lives up to its name in temperatures of -30 degrees and below. The length of the parka protects most of your body.

This Canada Goose parka comes lined with coyote fur around the adjustable hood. The internal elastic band around the waist can help you tighten it as per your needs. The parka is entirely fleece-lined, has a storm flap in front and pockets.

Meant for extreme weather conditions, the Expedition parka is water resistant. So you can wear it to brave the worst of weather.

Canadian Goose parkas are available in bomber style too, for both men and women. The designs vary depending on the activities you will perform and also the weather. You can also choose some light weight options available to stock up for a fun but a cool day out!