Economical phone plans for MetroPCS users

Economical phone plans for MetroPCS users

MetroPCS being one of the leading prepaid wireless service providers in the US comes up with something different every now and then to keep their customers engaged. It is not just a prepaid service provider anymore, after merging with the T-Mobile US, Inc. in 2012, it has become a popular choice for a cell phone carrier. What makes it so appealing to the masses is the fact that they receive good services at the most economical rates. Be it calling, texting or the data services, they have amazing deals to offer to its customers. Also, having collaborated with popular cell phone brands, you would find yourself looking at awesome MetroPCS phone deals where the handset comes along with an attractive talktime or data plans.

If you are thinking of opting for the network in future, there are some really great plans that would benefit you.

  • The 30$ Plan- This is one of the basic and starting plans of MetroPCS that has found a lot of takers. As per this plan, in just 30$, you would find yourself music streaming for 100 hours or using your social media for 100 hours in the entire month. Also, you would be the recipient of 2GB data, unlimited calls and texts and can also avail of the data maximizer feature
  • The 40$ Plan- If you want an access to more data, the 40$ plan would enable you to own 3GB data which would not be depleted even after 150 hours of internet browsing throughout the month. Also, if you add 2 lines to the network, you can avail of the both the lines at just 70$! The MetroPCS phone deals are very customer-friendly
  • The 50$ Plan- This plan gives you the superpower of unlimited data and text and voice calls. So you would now be looking at unlimited hours of video streaming and social networking!
  • The 60$ Plan- This plan gives you unlimited data, calls and texts. In addition to these, you can avail of the 4G LTE mobile hotspot that can change your phone into a high-speed web router!
  • The family plan- This awesome MetroPCS phone deal allows you to add family members to your phone plan. You can get 2 lines with unlimited data, talk time and texts and 6GB of 4G LTE high-speed data at an unimaginable price of 60$. If you wish to add other lines to this plan, it would cost you 30$ each!

Since MetroPCS phone deals are so consumer-oriented and do not have hidden charges, you and your entire family can reap its benefits!

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